7 Mar 2012

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If you do not understand it, because the Oil Rush - Naval Strategy Game game is quite new (2012). Oil Rush - Naval Strategy Game is clear manifold startegy like Red Alert. The difference Oil Rush of war at sea. Create a Strategy game fan game that I think need to try to have this solid graphics.
The game was created by the Unigine Corp. studio and it's using the Unigine technology. Maybe these names are not too familiar, but some hard-core gamers Might Recognize them from other instances.

Unigine technology was used in an amazing DX11 benchmarking software called Heaven, the which also uses OpenGL 4.0. Some Unigine Engine tech demos are included in the Phoronix Test Suite as well.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+crack.jpg]
However, the engine was actually already used, by third-party developers, once in syndicates of Arkon, an MMORPG, and Dilogus: The Winds of War, a not-yet-published RPG.

Story and Gameplay

Even if It Might seem redundant to Provide a story for a tower defense game, the developers have tried to offer some kind of background for the gameplay mechanics. Given the fact That everything takes place at sea, gamers need some clarifying for this environment, as the one Provided is just not enough.

The action takes place in Oil Rush sometime in the future, but it's not clear whether it's an alternative timeline or our future. Mankind has barely survived after a nuclear war hastened That climate changes. Because of global warming, there is no longer a land mass and everything has been engulfed by water.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+full+strategy.jpg]
Some pockets of humanity REMAIN to carry on with the civilization still powered by oil. The entire economy is oil based and people only live around oil wells.

The player assumes the role of Kevin, a young graduate from a military academy, WHO strives to follow in his father's Footsteps. Immediately he is given a job to defend his colony from raiders' attacks, and so his adventure begins.

Oil Rush is Divided into chapters, each one consisting of Several missions. More or less, every mission is almost like a skirmish map in the which the player is pitted against an AI foe. There are some minor variations, but only to introduce Generally some new units or technologies.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+full.jpg]
The learning curve is somewhat steep. The first few missions are easy, and players get the chance to witness how the engine looks good. Sometime during the second chapter, the difficulty changes abruptly, leaving players with a single valuable tactic, a Guerrilla war.

Every map starts with the player controlling one or more platforms. Each platform is used to spawn a fixed number of Certain units. You can not build the units and the platforms can not be destroyed, at least not with normal means. They are Considered too valuable and are always the object of capture.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+keygen.jpg]
The normal platforms, with the exception of oil rigs, can have defenses built around them, in five predetermined slots, consisting of miniguns, cannons and sol-to-air rockets. Every single one can be upgraded and all must be destroyed in order to capture the platform. Players can not do anything during an attack, besides Speeding up the construction of replacements.

There is also a small tree research available, the which uses points gained in battle. Most of the technologies can be researched fairly fast, at the beginning of each map, but They are not Carried from one folder to another, the which is kind of annoying. However, there are always more points available than can be used.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+patch.jpg]

Oil Rush is an amazing looking game. It's on par with developed everything these days and the fact That everything takes place on water was a challenge for the developers. Water is one of the elements most difficult, to replicate in a game Because players can easily spot "fake" looking textures.

The Linux platform is not known for being friendly with gaming development, and there are only a few games available right now That can be compared to Their counterparts from other platforms. Moreover, beside the graphics, the engine benefits from a pretty good physics technology the which makes the world a lot more tangible and believable.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+screen+shoot.jpg]
Some gamers have said That Oil Rush is only a "tech demo" to demonstrate the power of the engine, with little to no gameplay value. I think not only That this is an amazing engine, but that the game Itself is solid and has quality written all over it.


As far as I can tell, the game has a simple multiplayer mode, but it does not work on Linux. After some research on the official forums, it seems a That only Steam versions of the game can use the lobby function. The other Linux users can not see games hosted Because there is no API Implemented to resolve this problem. Needless to say, there are quite a few angry people on the forums Because of this.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+sea.jpg]
All is not lost, as users can still join other people's games by entering the direct IP of the host, but this would mean That They Could They only play with people already know, like a LAN game. Oh, and the IRC proposed solution on the official forums is not really a solution.

As I said Earlier, users can also create multiplayer sessions, for up to four players, and They can choose from a selection of Various maps. A quick mode is also available, aka skirmish for older people, so you can experiment with the multiplayer online gaming maps.

The Bad

First off, I want to make it clear That Oil Rush is an amazingly fun game to play. Even if there are a lot of problems, correctable through future updates, I would still recommend it in a heartbeat, regardless of what I'm about to write.

The main problem I encountered was the difficulty steep climb in the second act. All of a sudden, the maps Became really hard. Maybe I'm just set in my Airways, but this is not the first or tower defense strategy game I've played. I understand That PC games will always be a little harder and I really missed the days when games were impossible to finish Sometimes, but a strategy game should have an incremental difficulty.

The second issue is related to the gameplay. Users do not actually control the units, but the platforms. Once you send a group of ships to another platform, until They get there, you can not Interact with them in any way. I've restarted countless times maps Because of this single issue, and Because of the unit selection system, I'm not really sure this can even be fixed.

The third problem is of course the multiplayer mode. No lobby on Linux That means it is a lot harder to find gamers to join you. For instance, my friends and I have different schedules and it's hard for me to find them online. I really hope this will be fixed sometime in the near future.

The final issue is actually a minor one. I hate the fact That researched technologies do not follow me from one folder to another, in the campaign mode. I feel silly searching for everything all over again, in every folder. I Realize That it's part of the gameplay, but that does not make it right.

[Gambar: Oilrush+Naval+Strategy+game+view.jpg]
The Good

Beside the amazing graphics, the entire game is Presented in an atmosphere That lures you into playing. Whenever I "rage quit" a game, I would restart it almost Immediately Because of the quality atmosphere. Maybe it's the lightning or the color pallet, but I enjoyed every moment playing Oil Rush on Linux.

The other thing That got me hooked is the gameplay concept. Oil Rush is not really a strategy game per se and not actually a tower defense game, but rather something in Between. However, the combination is a Successful one and I do hope the game will be pushed even further through some DLC or expansions.


Even if I watched the development of Oil Rush for almost a year, I did not see it coming. It's a beautiful game, with a core mechanic That will probably start its own genre. It may have some faults, but none of them is too great to Prevent anyone from playing or enjoying it. It's viewed mostly extravagant like an indie game, but if this is not A + quality, then I do not know what it is.

Every Linux fan out there has to Realize That the days when games were for "other platforms" have come to an end, and the Harbinger of the new era of gaming on Linux is Oil Rush.
Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: 2 GHz
Memory (RAM): 1 Gb
NVIDIA GeForce 8600
ATI Radeon HD2600
Intel HD3000 (Windows or Mac only)
Video memory: 256 Mb
Sound Card: OpenAL compatible any
Disk space: 3 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU: 2.5 GHz dual-core +
Memory (RAM): 2 Gb
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
ATI Radeon HD4850
Video memory: 512 Mb
Sound Card: OpenAL compatible any
Disk space: 3 GB

How To Install

Download all of its parts (4 parts) - Extract with WinRAR (Automatic merge)
Extract the 'Oil Rush.iso' using PowerISO
Run 'setup.exe' to start the install - Install to Finish
To begin play run 'launcher_x86.bat' in the Installation Folder
Download Game Oil Rush Naval Strategy

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